New Travel System 3in1 Baby Pram Comodo Exlusive Eco Leather

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Baby pram Comodo Eco 3in1 - descripton


Pram’s frame – lightweight and durable

The frame is made of lightweight but durable aluminum. This makes the  baby pram maneuverable and easy to push and drive.

Suspension – Shock Stop System

The suspension is the element that is responsible for the shock-free travel. It will provide your baby calm sleeping. The Shock Stop system used in Kunert prams reduces unpleasant vibrations. It comprises two elements: rear wheel suspension and additional side suspension. 

Shock Stop System: 

The suspension on the rear wheels balances the weight of the pram, so it runs smoothly over bumpy roads.

The additional side suspension can easily be switched on and off with a simple mechanism. By twisting  the shock absorbers, the pram is more flexible and adjusts to the road surface, reducing the bumps felt by your child. It’s a good idea to turn the side suspension off when you’re walking on flat surfaces.

Stop&Drive System – safe and efficient parking

Take care of safety when parking too. The Stop&Drive system allows you to stop the baby pram safety by pushing the foot pedal down. We have positioned it in the center, between the wheels, to make sure it is comfortable and intuitive to use.

Large wheels - travel in safety and comfort

The front wheels with a diameter of 23 cm and the rear wheels with a diameter of 29 cm gives you the assurance that the pram will run well on any surface. It is suitable for walks on asphalt roads as well as more demanding surfaces such as potholed pavements and dirt roads. It can handle sand, snow and curb driving.

Reliable and swiveling gel wheels

With gel wheels you don't have to worry about inflation. And they won't be punctured if you run over glass or other sharp objects. The front wheels swivel 360°, making the pram maneuverable and easy to push and drive. You can block them with innovative switches. To make it even easier for you, the wheels straighten themselves - no matter what position they were in before locking.

Adjustable handle covered with eco-leather

The pram has an adjustable handle, what means that you can adjust it to you own. The handle is covered with eco-leather, which makes it non-slip in your hands and allows you to hold it securely and comfortably even during long walks.

The pram is ready to use practically as soon as it is unpacked (simply unfold the frame, fit the wheels and attach the carrycot) – you don’t need to screw a single screw.


 Folding the 3in1

Simply take out the carrycot of, hold down the red button on the right-hand side of the handle, pull the levers at the same time (they are on both sides) and fold the frame. Make sure that the safety mechanism has clicked into place - you will hear a characteristic click sound - so that the frame will not unfold on its own, and you can easily carry it around. Once folded, you can remove the wheels and pram axles, so you can store the frame even in a wardrobe or carry it in a small car boot. It's just as easy to remove the front wheels - simply press the button above the wheels.

Unfolding the 3in1

To unfold the frame of the pram, remove the safety pin and, holding the handle, pull it up until the locking mechanisms engage. Now you only need to attach the carrycot or sport seat and the pram is ready to use.


 Front and rear facing mountling

You can mount the carrycot and sport seat backwards or forwards. Your baby can sit facing you (so you can talk to them and keep eye on them) or seat backwards to you and look at their surroundings from the front (as they get older and more interested in the world around them).


By ventilating the pram properly, you protect your child from overheating in hot weather and provide plenty of ventilation and fresh air.

The pram has ventilation windows in the canopy of the carrycot  (with zip closurey) and sport seat.

In addition, the carrycot is equipped with ventilation holes in the bottom, which can be freely adjusted.

Carrycot and sport seat backrest adjustmentThe five-stage backrest adjustment in the carrycot allows you to gently lift your baby's head. It is especially useful when the baby is not yet sitting up, but would like to see mum and the world around. It also helps with babies who have spitting.

You can set the backrest of the sport seat in four positions: from lying down - the healthiest position for a sleeping baby - to completely upright - when the baby can sit up well on its own.

Adjustable footrest

The adjustable footrest in the sport seat prevents your baby's feet from hanging inertly. It is also useful during nap as it extends the seat, making it much more comfortable for your child to sleep.  

Safety belts and detachable safety bar

The sport seat is equipped with 5-point safety belts, which will prevent your child to undo itself. Safety belts and safety bar secure the child in place and protect against falling out, so you do not have to worry about


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